Pre-Need Information

Funeral planning is something that will be done to some extent, at least once for everyone. In many cases it is done by somebody else after the individual has died. For surviving loved ones this is a very difficult task as they are still trying to sort out their emotions and deal with their loss.

Planning one's funeral in advance has been an accepted course of action for hundreds of years. There are many benefits to making pre-arrangements.

Making funeral arrangements in advance greatly reduces the burden and stress placed on a surving loved one of having to make difficult decisions while dealing with their grief.

Prearranging one's funeral assures the person that his or her personal preferences are heeded as to where the funeral and burial or other final disposition will take place. Further, it assures one that the services will reflect their personal beliefs, standards and lifestyle.

As it is your family that will be most affected by your death and subsequent funeral, be sure to involve them in your thought process. Get together with your family and discuss the pertinent issues surrounding your eventual passing - your will, the funeral, the cemetery, and any wishes you might have.

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